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Superior metal spouting screen for ultimate protection

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Superior Gutter Guard

  • No more leaks from clogged gutters
  • Keep out those pesky birds
  • No more rats in your roof
  • No more clinging onto ladders

Made from tough steel substrate, the Gutter Solutionz range of gutter guards are guaranteed to perform as effective spouting screens for a minimum of 12 years.  

Free quotes available for both commercial and residential properties.


Clip'n Fit Guard

 The perfect leaf guard solution for mild to moderate leaf debris issues. Made in New Zealand from UV stabilised recycled polymer which is in turn fully recyclable!

This patent pending design is easy to install and is flexible in terms of width, height and pitch – fits neatly with minimal cutting.

It sits neatly in the top of the spouting between the front lip of the spouting and the front edge of the roof – designed to protect your spouting from leaf debris and allowing your spouting to perform as it was designed to.


Gutter Flush

All gutter guard systems require some form of occasional maintenance. Logic dictates that you need holes in the screen to drag the water into the spouting. Unfortunately any finer dust, pollen and debris smaller than the holes can also get in.

Traditionally, this means that periodically you may need to flush the gutter guard system.

Not any longer, the patent pending clip’n fit gutter cleaning flush system is a plumbed system that fits neatly underneath the gutter guard.

You simply turn on your tap every few weeks for a few minutes and fine jets of water will be directionally sprayed onto the inside bottom of the spouting – washing any finer debris away down the downpipe – how easy is that!

To see the gutter flush system in action, click here >> gutter-flush.mp4


Gutter Solutionz spouting mesh can be installed on all roof types, including:

  • corrugated
  • decromastic
  • concrete tile


Gutter Solutionz spouting mesh can be installed on all types of spouting, including:

  • plastic
  • long run
  • copper

No, we will ensure the gutters are clean before installing the protecting mesh at no extra charge.

No, Gutter Solutionz will not rust, it's made from a tough steel substrate

Gutter Solutionz comes with a choice of 21 colours to match your roof colour.

Gutter Solutionz spouting mesh has a guarantee of up to 12 years on materials and 5 years on workmanship.

Quality gutter guard installation that stands the test of time and keeps gutters free from leaves, rodents, birds, snow and hail !

Service area:  Hawkes Bay, Gisborne, Taupo

DIY products also available on request.

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